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Corporate profile

Everest Investments S.A. is a holding company building an international asset management group focused on managing mutual funds, hedge funds, individual and institutional portfolios with specialization in investments in companies from Central and Eastern Europe.

The mission of Everest Investments S.A. is to provide the highest standard asset management services to high net worth individuals, institutional and retail investors from Poland, Western Europe and USA.

The Company was founded by its main shareholder, Piotr Sieradzan.

Everest Investments S.A. is the company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (main market, WAR:EVE) since January 2015.

Everest Investments S.A. has 4 wholly-owned subsidiaries:

- Everest TFI S.A - Asset Manager focused on managing mutual funds in Poland. The company is currently in the process of licensing with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

- Everest Funds, LLC (USA)

- Everest Dom Inwestycyjny Sp. z o.o. SKA - the entinty which hold an authorisation to distribite units in investment funds and foreign investment funds based on the authorisation given by Polish Financial Supervision Authority on December 18th, 2007.

- Everest Dom Inwestycyjny Sp. z o.o. - General Partner in Everest Dom Inwestycyjny Sp. z o.o. SKA